The Pop-Up Gallery Reopens

The Pop-Up Gallery is by design a moving target. It materializes in transitional spaces to exhibit emerging and established artists that are interested in making work that is not commonly shown in Orange County. The artists bring positive attention to the community while expanding opportunities for local businesses. Landlords get traffic in their buildings, restaurants and shops get new business and the artists get an opportunity to share their work.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Today is the Opening!

In order to really appreciate this exhibition space, you would have had to see it two weeks ago. The aisles were crowded and the tables were covered with literally hundreds of objects. Ellen and Alice worked very hard to clear out the center of the warehouse to accommodate the exhibition.  Note, this is a functioning work space, not a white cube. A little rough around the edges is okay with us, but keep an eye on your kids.

Here are some samples of the exhibition to whet your appetite. Stop by today between 1 and 4 pm. We are located at the corner of Johnes and South Williams. Off street parking available.

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