The Pop-Up Gallery Reopens

The Pop-Up Gallery is by design a moving target. It materializes in transitional spaces to exhibit emerging and established artists that are interested in making work that is not commonly shown in Orange County. The artists bring positive attention to the community while expanding opportunities for local businesses. Landlords get traffic in their buildings, restaurants and shops get new business and the artists get an opportunity to share their work.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Photos of the Installation and Opening--Orange Alert 3D

Even with drizzle and many competing events,
we had quite a large group for the opening.
Thanks to those who came out to support these artists.
Special thanks to people who missed the opening but were able to stop by during the week. Part of cementing the community in Orange County is simply meeting each other and offering support to the work being done here.

  The following are some photos of the installation and event.

Stefana McClure's Protest Stones (foreground) and Earbud Ball (background)

Gerardo Castro discussing his Collares de Mazo with Ann Street Gallery curator, Virginia Walsh.

Detail of One is Older by Judy Sigunick
Detail of Infinite Passage (opened) from Bruce Chapin's Reliquary series

Gerardo Castro's Collares de Mazo (foreground) Judy Sigunick's Roaming (background)

Daniel Mack's Animas

Several ceramic and mixed media works of Judy Sigunick.

Stefana McClure's work (right to left)  Earbud Ball, Moby, and Map of the World: Caribbean.

 Detail of Bruce Chapin's Device 

  If you missed this, please note several of the PUG Projects 3D artists are having exhibitions in the near future. Judy Sigunick's 155 Project opens June 1st in New York City. Gerardo Castro is having a solo exhibition at Theo Ganz this July. Stefana McClure is participating in Art=Text=Art exhibition currently in Iceland.

This project was made possible in part with funds from Orange County Tourism and the County of Orange. Thanks again to everyone who made it a success.

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