The Pop-Up Gallery Reopens

The Pop-Up Gallery is by design a moving target. It materializes in transitional spaces to exhibit emerging and established artists that are interested in making work that is not commonly shown in Orange County. The artists bring positive attention to the community while expanding opportunities for local businesses. Landlords get traffic in their buildings, restaurants and shops get new business and the artists get an opportunity to share their work.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Opening for Orange Alert III: Espiritu

Selections from Vincent Cianni's Gays in the Military photo: Brian Wolfe (detail)

All signs pointed to a good day for the opening. Low heat and humidity and clear skies welcomed many friends who traveled from as far away as New York City, New Jersey, Warwick and points north and west, and across the river from Beacon and Cold Spring. So many local people came. That's how communities flourish. We support each other! Plus many who missed the opening have reached out to see the show by appointment. That is possible until July 22! If you are interested, text 845-304-3142 for an appointment.

Many thanks to the artists Olivia Baldwin, Peter A. Campbell, Vincent Cianni, Joshua and Alaina Enslen and Bill Kooistra. Thanks also to Madeline Trezza (landlord), Thom Munterich (technical support), and everyone else who made this project happen. Thanks again to Orange County Tourism for their financial support.

Here are some photographs from the installation and opening.

Selections from the series Gays in the Military by Vincent Cianni
Performance of You Can't Get There From Here by Peter A. Campbell
Performance view from back corner of You Can't Get There From Here Photo: Theresa Gooby
Second floor during the opening

Second floor installed (l-r) Colors of a Poem Joshua and Alaina Enslen, Untitled (coconut tree) Olivia Baldwin, Bird is the Word Joshua and Alaina Enslen

Close-Up of First Two Lines Joshua and Alaina Enslen

Installation view (l-r) selections from Joshua and Alaina Enslen's Song of Exile textual history, selections from Bill Kooistra's Field Drawing Series
First floor during the opening  Photo: Abby Munterich
First floor during opening (l-r) Portugal Olivia Baldwin, Virgil Richards, Austin, Texas Vincent Cianni, Nathanael Bodon, Marlboro, New York Vincent Cianni  Photo: Theresa Gooby
Second floor installed (l-r) Bird is the Word Joshua and Alaina Enslen, Color Your Lovers Olivia Baldwin, First Two Lines Joshua and Alaina Enslen

Thanks for your support!

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